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As part of EASA’s Work Programme, and in line with the European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS), new Rules, AMC, GM and CS are being drafted and adopted every year.  Whilst some of these are amendments aimed at improving the effectiveness of the rules, quite a lot of the changes are connected to: the widening and deepening competence and oversite of the EU and EASA; response to safety issues; and, new developments in technology.  During 2020, and through to 2022, there are especially large volumes of changes and new requirements; many of these are very detailed and complex, and apply on various dates (past, present and future).

Aerodrome management teams and operations, safety and compliance managers, may feel overwhelmed when faced with a continuous stream of new requirements contained in the Basic Regulation 2018/1139, the Aerodromes Regulation 139/2014, and CS ADR-DSN.  Each new EASA Opinion and Decision ought to trigger internal management of change processes, where consideration of the impacts will include: manuals, procedures, training, manning, safety programmes, compliance, record-keeping and coordination with stakeholders.

Due to the broad-range of training courses and contractor services offered by airsight, which help customers understand and comply with the regulatory requirements and standards, airsight has an obligation to track existing and future intended changes (see the Aerodrome Regulations Calendar).  airsight can help you save much time and effort, but not remove your own accountabilities and obligations.

This one-day Briefing provides a one-stop-shop for aerodrome managers and various stakeholders and partners, to refresh themselves with the latest information and status.  Firstly, by showing the sources and how they are connected, participants will be able to create a “map” of all changes.  Then, by focusing on the key issues (differences and additions) which demand the most attention at aerodromes, participants will be able to order their priorities for adaptation and change.  Finally, attendees will leave with the references and knowledge they need to help their organisations establish training and awareness briefings for their colleagues.

Please note: In addition to the scheduled sessions, this Briefing can be held for your organisation “In-house” online virtually or at your own premises. Therefore, many decision-makers and stakeholders can receive the same information in one hit. This could effectively and directly precede your own in-house change management processes.

Course Details

Language:German / English
Duration:1 days

Course Content

Regulatory status update 

  • Laying out the status of all relevant Regulations impacting aerodromes, primarily 139/2014
  • Referencing the amendment Regulations, Opinions, Decisions and NPAs
  • Making the connections between them all, thus providing a map of relationships and a roadmap of implementation 

Details of prioritised key subjects (amended and new), including: 

  • Aeronautical data measurement, handling and transmission
  • Apron management services – Subpart F to PART-ADR.OR
  • Apron management operations – Subpart D to PART-ADR.OPS
  • Issue 6 of certification specifications for aerodrome design (CS-ADR-DSN)
  • All-weather operations
  • Management of information security risks
  • NPA 2020-10 (Planned updates of aerodrome rules)
  • RMT.0728 (Draft of ground handling regulation)

Specific subject details will be dictated by the latest amendments and any upcoming proposed amendments.

Discussion on next steps 

  • Based on the key subjects listed above, and also the priorities of attendees (especially for in-house briefings), suggestions can be provided to help attendees set priorities for action and develop an idea of the resources required to implement changes compliantly and on time. 


Steve Garrett

Steve is a safety trainer and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. In recent years Steve has been supporting airsight by conducting together large studies on behalf of EASA (e.g. “study on the regulation of ground de-icing and anti-icing services”), and by delivering training on the new EU Regulations and EASA Rules for aerodromes, authorities and organisations; including, certification, management systems, accountabilities for senior management, requirements for Authority Inspectors, human factors and operations. As a professional psychotherapist Steve has developed and conducted Human Factors training courses as well as stress and anger workshops. In addition, he has been a regular contributor to the SKYbrary website, and contributed to several EUROCONTROL safety programmes. As well as designing and delivering SMS training worldwide, Steve represented Europe's regional air operators, manufacturers and aerodromes in operational and safety matters within the JAA and during the emergence of EASA. Furthermore, Steve has more than 4,000 hours as a navigator with the Royal Air Force.

Target Group

  • Aerodrome Compliance Teams
  • Aerodrome Legal Departments
  • Aerodrome Specific Departments and Subjects affected by the Changes:
    • Data and AIS
    • Runway Safety
    • Apron Safety
    • Apron Services Management and Coordination
    • RFFS Compliance
    • Training Managers 
  • Relevant Aerodrome Stakeholders, Partners and Contractors
    • Including Ground-Handling Agents and Providers of Apron Management Services 
  • Competent Authority personnel and aerodrome inspectors 

Organisational Details

airsight offers this training course on request, worldwide. At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

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