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You did not find the course you are looking for? You need something more specific for you and your team? airsight offers all regular courses and further topics as in-company training sessions tailored to your needs.

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Corporate Training Benefits

Get exactly the training you need ...

... when you need it and where you need it!

Why choose an In-house Course with airsight?

Did you know that we conduct half of our courses In-house, and that most of our In-house clients are recurring clients, booking their third, fourth or even fifth corporate training session with us? There is a reason why participants and training officers are so happy with us - it's simply because we are great at what we do!

Booking an on-site training session with us is very convenient for you as a client: you can freely choose the dates, venue and ask for specialised content, tailored to your needs. This way, you can complement your training strategy development and enhance your company's Learning Management System.

On top of it all, an In-house class with airsight is also a very cost-efficient solution to your training needs. You can train several employees at once, resulting in having numerous trained and certified experts in your company. A lot of clients also team-up in their countries to organise sessions around specific topics. This can be another very cost-efficient training method for national aerodrome operators as well as their regulators or air navigation service providers. 

Of course, airsight's exclusive classes can also be booked as virtual classrooms. This way, the course will be streamed live via the internet and you and your colleagues can join our experts virtually, from their office or home. Training material will be distributed beforehand and every participant will get an airsight Certificate, recognised by Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide. 

Contact our Training Team

Convinced that airsight is the right training provider for your specific needs? Perfect! Just contact our Training Team and we will get back to you with a specialised offer. If you want to make it easy for us, make sure your In-house request contains the following information:

  • Your desired course or specialised content wishes,
  • number of participants,
  • desired training location (your premises or virtual),
  • time frame for the execution of the course and
  • your contact details.

If you have all this information, simply send us an e-mail or use our contact form below. If you are still unsure about some of these aspects, don't worry - we are here to help! 

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