About possible Value Added Taxes for airsight training courses

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The applicability or possible refunds of Value Added Taxes for services provided in or outside the European Union is a complex matter, depending on many factors (place of services, country of origin or destination etc.).

Our clients (e.g. Aviation Authorities or Aerodromes) generally can obtain a refund of the VAT, e.g. if located within the European Community with a valid EU Tax ID Number or through a bilateral agreement between the involved countries. However it is not always the case and VAT may be applied and not refundable.

Therefore, airsight advises potential participants to liaise with their financial department for this subject matter, in order to assess how the VAT may be applied to the course fees and if the VAT is refundable.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the German Federal Central Tax Office (phone: +49 228 406-1200, Web: www.bzst.de ). In case of difficulties, airsight proposes its assistance on the subject: please contact airsight training department (E-Mail: training@airsight.de).