Offices & Regional Contacts

To better serve international clients, in addition to our headquarters in Berlin - Germany, airsight has regional offices or representatives in the Middle East and Italy as well as a large international partners network.

airsight GmbH - Headquarters

 Gustav-Meyer Allee 25
Gustav-Meyer Allee 2513355 Berlin Germany
+49 30 45803177

Our international focus

airsight is an international company that provides services in more than 50 countries. Our local offices, focal points and partner network enables us to work closely with our client on a global basis.

Headquarter in Berlin - Germany

Our main office, establised in an historical building and associated training locations in Germany's world famous capital Berlin - for our clients, team and partners in Europe.

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Established in 1999 in Berlin at the same address as today, airsight has been considerably expanding by providing the best services to top clients. From a single-room office, we are now occupying the entire floor on the main aisle of a historical train depot in the centre of Germany's new capital.

From this location, we manage our worldwide projects, training courses and other activities.

Our training courses are located in established hotels in the city centre within walking distance of the most popular sights, and a 15 minutes ride from airsight's headquarter.

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Singapore - Asia-Pacific

The aviation industry is going through impressive developments in the region, and can rely on airsight's expertise and worldwide experience with best-practices to face today's challenges.

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Asia-Pacific is a large and diverse region: it contains some of the world's largest international airports, as well as some of the most remote aerodromes.

airsight serves the interest of the aviation community for large and small clients in Asia and Oceania, and reincforces its pesence and willingness to enhance safety and efficiency in the region with a local office in Singapore.

Our team of consultants and trainers has a unique understanding of aviation regulations and best-practices in the region, and is equipped to provide our expertise to both current and potential clients. 

airsight Asia-Pacific


Italy has been one of the most important markets for more than a decade. With the creation of Unit Italy local customers can now receive a more specialized service.

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The creation of Unit Italy was airsight's response to a growing demand from the Italian market for highly specialized and fully dedicated solutions and services.

This is due to long-standing partnerships with most Italian airports and their commitment to Aviation Safety. Through the years the company has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the Italian aviation industry that is one of the major markets for airsight in Europe.

Today airsight offers consulting and training plans entirely in Italian, and through a dedicated team.

airsight Italia

Selected Clients in the Region