Vertiports and Advanced Air Mobility

airsight assists airport and vertiport operators, planners and architects as well as eVTOL aircraft manufacturers in the development of vertiports and associated concepts of operations.

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Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing air vehicle (eVTOL) are emerging and will certainly revolutionise urban  and regional mobility in the coming decades.

Vertiports will be a crucial enabler for Urban and Advanced Air Mobility, but while regulations do exist to some extent for eVTOL aircraft, very few regulations or guidelines exists for vertiport design and operations or are still under development (e.g. by EASA and FAA). As of today, it is in most cases of high interest for eVTOL manufacturers or potential vertiport operators to conduct initial feasibility studies and assessments of the proposed vertiport’s infrastructure and operations, and to obtain approval from the responsible civil aviation authorities.

airsight, as a world leading aviation consultancy, is a pioneer in eVTOL vertiports planning, design and operations. We assists the most advanced eVTOL aircraft manufacturers as well as many other aviation clients in planning such infrastructure (temporary or fixed) and develop associated concept of operations.

airsight Services around vertiports and eVTOL operations

Vertiports Certification

airsight supports operators in complying with organisation, operation requirements and infrastructure requirements

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airsight can look back on extensive experience with supporting airport operators with regulatory challenges connected with the management and operation of airports. It is expected that soon there will be new requirements adopted for the management, maintenance and operation of Vertiports. Considering airsight's experience and valuable expert network our team is ready to support you. airsight will remain your strong partner for everything related to Management Systems, Safety Management, Compliance Monitoring and any operational challenges your Vertiports may face.

airsight is your partner for 
A) Management System Certification Support:

Like in other aviation domains vertiport operations will be subject the oversight of a Safety Management System. Most-likely such a management system will be subject to a certification process with the Competent Authority. airsight is well-experienced in supporting aerodrome operators with certification procedures.

B) Internal Audits as a Service:

airsight as renowned aviation audit service provider is ready to support Vertiport Operators with their internal audits. 

C) Safety Management and Compliance Support:

Using over 20 years of experience in Safety Management and Compliance Monitoring airsight is ready and capable to support Vertiport Operators.

D) Vertiport Manual and Documentation:

To standardise Vertiport Operations a well-founded documentation structure is required - not only to satisfy the Competent Authority but also to cater for safe and effiicent operations.

A) Vertiport Data:

airsight’s resident experts on aerodrome data will proficiently support you with any challenges you are facing regarding data quality, interfaces, NOTAMs and other requirements.

B) Vertiport Operational Services, Equipment & Installations

Our very own “Safety & Operations” Department will support you with any projects related to the operational challenges of Vertiports.

C) Vertiport Maintenance:

Vertiport operators should implement a comprehensive and robust maintenance programme covering the airside infrastructure, fixed and mobile equipment and especially the aeronautical ground lights and markings. airsight supports you with the setup of a maintenance programme down to the last detail.

A) Vertiport Training Programme:

airsight’s consultant team can look back on numerous projects related to the creation of training programmes. As a training organisation itself airsight is in the best position to support Vertiport Operators with setting up a comprehenive training programm for their personnel.

B) Proficiency Check Programme

The journey doesn't end with a final test after the course. Proficiency must be proven on by everyone working in the operational context. airsight supports operators in settgin up a comprehensive Proficiency Check Programme.

C) Competency-based Training Programme

Want to take the next step in Training? Let us support you in creating a tailored Competency-based Training Programme for your Vertiport Personnel.



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Why airsight?

airsight broad capabilities enables us to be the perfect partner for organisations involved in urban air-mobility or vertiport planning and operations.

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airsight is an airport and heliport planning and operations expert, a flight procedure design and airspace integration organisation, and a world leading aviation safety consultancy.

Established in 1999, with more than 700 projects successfully conducted, airsight is the preferred one-stop-shop for vertiport projects and eVTOL aircraft (and also Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

We assists our clients in understanding and applying cost-efficiently complex aviation regulations. Our expert-network within the international airport community and our worldwide collaboration with the aviation authorities serves greatly our clients, to get the necessary approval realise their projects.

To cover all challenges and services regarding the planning and design of Vertiports we cooperate with external partners (see below).