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airsight assists aerodrome operators in fulfilling international requirements and managing compliance.

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Certified aerodromes & declared Ground handling Organisations, under the oversight of their responsible authorities, shall demonstrate and continually monitor compliance with a multitude of complex regulations and requirements to establish and maintain a high and uniform level of safety.

Due to extensive knowledge and experience in national and international specifications for the design and management of aerodromes, airsight is uniquely capable to guide operators and authorities efficiently through the process of gaining and maintaining certification and declaration.

airsight conducts tailored, independent and objective compliance checks and inspection services as well as safety assessments and supporting documentation to demonstrate acceptable levels of safety of possible deviations and ensure continued validity of certification.

EASA Regulations Calendar

airsight keeps an always updated record of applicable requirements for its projects and audits. You can find a non-exhaustive overview of the current and upcoming changes applicable to aerodromes. Get to grips with Regulations, Amendments and Decisions with our EASA Regulations Calendar

Get to grips with Regulations, Amendments and Decisions with our: EASA Regulations Calendar

airsight Services

Compliance Checks & Gap Analyses

If it is a new taxiway or a project of even larger scale – our experts will diligently assess the compliance with the applicable requirements (ICAO, EASA and others). Our gap analyses will provide all management levels  with a reliable compliance status of their organisational setup.

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For our compliance checks we utilise well-structured checklists and employ advanced evaluation tools to visualize and quantify our results and put them into perspective. 

airsight compliance checks are always evidence-based to cater for good traceability and make our output ready for submission to the CAA.

Airsight offers gap analyses for those clients who do not require the formalities of an audit but still need a compliance status of their organization. With valuable checklists and advanced evaluation methods airsight is able to present the results for anyone throughout the organisation – from technical expert to high-level management.

Ground Handling Compliance

Determine conformity levels with applicable requirements

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The Basic Regulation 2018/1139 contains Essential Requirements for Ground Handling Service providers (GHSPs). The new Ground Handling Regulation introduces requirements for  Authority Requirements  (ARGH), Organisation Requirements (ORGH) and Operations Requirements (GH.OPS). With its broad experience in Aviation Management Systems airsight provides consulting services regarding the Declaration, Organisation and Operation of Ground Handling Organisations.

airsight supports ground handling organisations and competent authorities with preparing for the upcoming European rules for ground handling covering:

  • Implementation support for new Ground Handling Requirements

  • Management System Review/Gap Analysis

  • Procedure/Manual drafting

  • Internal Audits

  • Safety Management

  • Compliance Monitoring

  • Liaison Partner with Competent Authorities

A) General Requirements:

This subpart covers the requirements regarding Oversight Documentation, Means of Compliance, Information to the Agency, Immediate Reaction to a safety problem and Safety Directives. airsight can support competent authorities in achieving compliance with the requirements.

B) Management:

Covering the requirements regarding the authority’s management system this part covers subjects like Policies, Procedures, Staff allocation, facilities, compliance monitoring, mutual exchange between CAAs, Change Management and Record Keeping.

C) Oversight, Declaration & Enforcement:

The Ground Handling Organisation oversight by the competent authority with all its requirements regarding auditing, oversight cycle, industry standards, alternative meas of compliance, findings, observations, corrective actions, enforcement measures and cooperative oversight is defined in this subpart. Feel free to approach us to discuss your challenges with our experienced auditors and consultants!

A) General Requirements:

This part describes the scope of this rule set as well as how to achieve compliance with it. airsight can support you with achieving compliance through acceptable means of compliance, alternative means of compliance or the use of industry standards.

B) Management:

This extensive part of the requirements prescribes how the management system shall be set up including the nominated persons (Safety Manager, GSE Maintenance Manager, Compliance Manager). Furthermore, this part covers requirements for SMS and contracted activities. Our team is well experienced in auditing and supporting organisations in these subject areas. Get in touch to discuss your project!

C) Declaration:

This part outlines how Ground Handling Organisations may declare their services to the relevant CAA. Our Team can support in liaising with the competent authority!

E) Documents ad Records:

An integral part of the Ground Handling Organisation documentation is represented by the Ground Operations Manual (GOM). This part extensively covers all related requirements on the set up the manual. airsight is looking back on many years of experience with the set up and optimisation of manuals and can support you anytime.

F) Training:

This subpart covers the requirements for Training and Competence Assessments. A competency-based training approach is required for safety-critical ground handling functions. Get in touch with us for any support regarding your training programme.


This subpart covers the requirements for ground service equipment. A comprehensive GSE maintenance programme is required by the regulation. Get in touch with us for any support regarding your maintenance programme.

A) Passenger Handling:

airsight’s resident experts on aerodrome operations can support on matter related to passenger handling.

B) Baggage Handling

airsight’s resident experts on aerodrome operations can support on matter related to baggage handling.

C) Aircraft Handling:

Together with our Safety & Operations experts we can support in you with optmisation & change projects related to aircraft handling.

D) Aircraft Turnaround:

airsight’s resident experts on aerodrome operations can support on matter related to aircraft turnaround processes.

E) Load Control:

airsight’s resident experts on aerodrome operations can support on matter related to load control.

F) Cargo and Mail Handling:

airsight’s resident experts on aerodrome operations can support on matter related to cargo and mail handling.

Managing Deviations

Gaining and maintaining compliance by demonstrating acceptable levels of safety for non-compliances and deviations from regulations and specifications.

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Deviations from applicable standards are not necessarily unsafe. However, any demonstration of compliance requires supporting documentation such as safety or risk assessments.

Aerodrome operators and authorities can deviate from regulations by demonstrating acceptable levels of safety for variations in policies and procedures or non-compliances with certification specifications for aerodrome infrastructure.

airsight excels in the management of deviations, utilising its expertise to categorise non-compliances, conduct comprehensive safety assessments, develop appropriate alternative means of compliance and offer support in liaising and negotiating with the responsible authorities.

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Other Advisory Services

Our Team can do so much more for you! Be inspired by a selection of further airsight services

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Our Expertise

Since 1999, we conducted numerous projects related to the compliance and certification of airports. We have gained extensive knowledge and use specialised tools to make our services efficient and effective. This way we can deliver the best results to our clients.

airsight supports airport operators in creating concepts for the implementation of operational (airside driving permit system, airside work permit system, training & proficiency check programmes) or organisational (compliance monitoring system, safety management system, change management system) undertakings. Our experts also support operators during the implementation phase giving valuable advice.

If you are looking for a different perspective on operational or compliance-related subjects, we can provide you with comprehensive Expert Opinions. Through such statements airsight has helped numerous airport operators solve operational issues or obtain the civil aviation authioritie's approval. airsight's broad network of aviation professionals will give you valuable inputs for the challenges you are facing!

“Write down what you do and do what you have written down!” is a core principle of airport certification. airsight supports you with setting up your aerodrome manual and supporting documentation. Together with our Operations Department you will be provided with extensive knowledge, experience and best practices.

Our team also advises airport operators how to organise their document structure to be fit for certification. Reach out to us, if you want to discuss the challenges you are facing.

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