Pavement Construction and Aerodrome Operations

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During its projected lifetime the pavement of aerodrome movement areas is exposed to a variety of loads and influences. To meet the requirements regarding performance and durability, these areas must be sufficiently designed and maintained. However, due to a significant increase of traffic, many airports are facing the challenge of not being able to close parts of the movement area for carrying out construction, maintenance or repair works – even at night-time. 

This course focuses on the dimensioning, design and maintenance of aerodrome movement areas as well as on the implementation and verification of specific requirements related to, for example, evenness and grip. Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the construction and maintenance during operation, hence measures to ensure airport operations and maintain the level of safety are another crucial aspect of the course.

This three-day training course addresses aerodrome operators’ personnel as well as planners and contractors of construction activities on the aerodrome movement areas. It offers practical solutions and hands-on experience from German airports.

Course Details

Duration:3 days
This course will be held in German. Send inquiry

Course Content

Regulatory framework related to pavement construction as well as aerodrome design and operations

  • Vergabe- und Vertragsleistungen für Bauordnungen (VOB, German Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations)
  • Guidelines, Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen (ZTV, German Additional Technical Contract Terms) as well as Technische Prüfvorschriften (TP, German Technical Test Instructions) and Lieferbedingungen (TL, German Technical Terms of Delivery)
  • Relevant European regulations
  • Aerodrome certification specifications of EASA (EASA CS ADR-DSN)
  • Standards and recommended practices of ICAO

Dimensioning of aerodrome movement areas

  • Dimensioning according to German standard catalog
  • Individual dimensioning
  • ACN/PCN-System

Construction methods, materials and quality assurance

  • Rigid pavements (concrete)
  • Flexible pavements (asphalt)
  • Quality assurance and inspection

Evenness and grip

  • Requirements
  • Measurement systems

Substance evaluation and bearing strength

  • Methods to evaluate the structural substance
  • Measurement and assessment of bearing strength

Maintenance and repair

  • Structural measures
  • Accelerated measures
  • Maintenance during operation

Systematic maintenance of maneuvering areas

  • Maintenance planning
  • Pavement Management Systems

Obstacles in the aerodrome surroundings

  • Obstacle limitation surfaces according to ICAO Annex 14 and EASA CS
  • ILS protected areas
  • Marking and lighting of obstacles

Conduction of Safety Assessments 

  • Motivation and basics
  • Methodology of safety assessments
  • Risk mitigation 

Preparation of construction measures on aerodrome movement areas

  • Requirements according to Commission Regulation (EU) No 139/2014
  • Requirements according to ICAO Airport Services Manual (Doc. 9137)

Execution of construction measures on aerodrome movement areas 

  • Requirements according to the “Richtlinie über Zeitweilige Hindernisse in den Hindernisfreiräumen von Instrumentenbahnen auf Flugplätzen”(German guidelines on temporary obstacles in obstacle clearance areas of instrument runways)
  • Safeguarding of construction sites and separation of flight operations
  • Return to service


Dr.-Ing. Carsten Karcher

Carsten has been active as consultant, expert, scientist, lecturer and moderator regarding construction methods and materials, the dimensioning as well as the construction and maintenance of traffic areas for more than 19 years. For many years, he was head of the Department of Road Construction and Structural Design of Highways at the Institute of Highway and Railroad Engineering of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), formerly the University of Karlsruhe. 

Since 2013 he has been working for the European Asphalt Pavement Association EAPA and as a freelancer. He is an active member of many European and national technical committees and co-author of the standard work "Straßenbau und Straßenerhaltung" (Road Construction and Maintenance) published by ESV Verlag. His experience also includes worldwide publications and lectures on the above-mentioned topics as well as the implementation of relevant European and German research projects as a project manager. Dr. Karcher has been head of the airsight course "Pavement Construction and Aerodrome Operations" eight times since 2013.

Denis Thiemer, Dipl.-Ing.

Denis is a transport engineer, specialised in aerodrome planning, with wide ranging experience in airside infrastructure design, aerodrome operations and safety as well as compliance with ICAO SARPs and EASA aerodrome regulations. 

He supports numerous airports worldwide in planning and design tasks, compliance inspections and audits. One of Denis’s core competences is airside operations, assisting clients in developing innovative operational concepts for safe and efficient airside operations. 

Denis has expert knowledge and expertise in airport expansion and rehabilitation projects, including aeronautical studies, obstruction surveys and safety cases as well as the planning of accompanying measures related to extensive construction activities on airports. 

His most recent projects include Berlin, Munich, Hannover, Hamburg and Luxembourg airports as well as Auckland (NZ), Brussels, Sydney, Jamaica and Yaoundé and Douala Airports.

Thomas Gralka, Dipl.-Ing.

Thomas works as construction coordinator in the airport operations department of Munich Airport (MUC). He is responsible for the requirements of aircraft operations during construction activities on aprons, taxiways as well as facilities of air traffic control and meteorological services. Furthermore, he is responsible for aircraft accident investigations.

Peter Grimmer

Peter Grimmer has been working as a resident engineer for airport consulting partners GmbH Beratende Ingenieure on four airport construction sites in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan for 10 years and is a pronounced expert in the field of construction technology for aircraft movement areas. In 2021, he accompanied the redevelopment of the north runway at Leipzig Airport as site manager.

Target Group

  • Planners and contractors
  • Aerodrome operators’ personnel (e.g. infrastructure or operations department)
  • Civil aviation authorities

Organisational Details

airsight offers this training course on request, worldwide. At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

This course will be held in German. Send inquiry

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