Apron Management Service (AMS) - 1-Day Briefing

The Commission Delegated Regulation, referred to as (EU) 2020/1234, amended the (EU) 139/2014 by changing the authoritative (AR), organisational (OR) and operational (OPS) requirements regarding certification, oversight, and procedures of Apron Management Services (AMS). 
These requirements are applicable from the 20th of March 2022.

This 1-day briefing will allow you to get to grips with the requirements of the new AMS implementing rules and its AMC/GM, highlighting the impact they have on aerodrome operators, AMS providers and ATS providers. It outlines how to approach and interpret the requirements and how compliance can be proven to the Competent Authority.

The course facilitates your EU/EASA regulation awareness and supports the preparation for oversight as well as internal audits. It also allows you to actively exchange with our instructor and other participants to share best practices and solutions. It is ideal for personnel which need a solid and efficient overview of the new requirements.

Course Details

Language:English / German / Italian
Duration:1 days
Provider:airsight GmbH

Course Content

Regulatory background

  • Regulation (EU) 2020/1139
  • EASA rulemaking basics

Apron Management Service requirements (EU) 2020/1234

  • Authority requirements (AR) / Annex II of (EU) 139/20124 – Subparts A, B, C
    • Declaration of organisations responsible for the provision of AMS
    • Oversight of organisations responsible for the provision of AMS
  • Organisation requirements (OR) / Annex III of (EU) 139/20124 – Subpart F
    • Responsibilities of the organization responsible for the provision of AMS
    • Declaration and notification to the Competent Authority
    • Key differences between ADR.OR.F.045 and ADR.OR.D.005
    • Personnel requirements of AMS providers
  • Operation requirements (OPS) Annex IV of (EU) 139/2014 – Subpart D
    • Safety related requirements related to apron operations, such as:
    • Apron boundaries
    • Aircraft refuelling
    • Jet blast precautions
    • Training and proficiency check programmes of marshallers and follow me drivers


Daniele Occhiato

Daniele is a trainer with over 12 years of experience in the aviation industry. 

He holds a degree in aerospace engineering and a master's degree in Aviation Safety. In 2020 he joined airsight's team in the safety & operations department, as a project engineer and auditor, using his experience in airport operations, apron management service, ground handling, Safety Management System, airport emergency plans, auditing and compliance management. Since 2024 he is Director of airsight Italy S.r.l. 

Daniele has held positions in the airport sector as a certification figure and has an excellent knowledge of regulations (ICAO/EASA), international best practices and their implementation in the airport environment.  

In airsight, he contributes to the analysis of risks related to major upgrading works, revision of airport contingency plans and compliance audits in the international context. 

Target Group

  • Aerodrome Operator personnel
    • especially personnel working in safety and compliance departments, operation departments, training departments and nominated persons
  • personnel of AMS providers
  • personnel of ATS providers
  • personnel of Competent Authorities

Organisational Details

airsight offers this training course on request, worldwide. At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

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