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The Commission delegated Regulation 2020/2148 regulations for aerodrome and competent authorities came into force at the beginning of 2021 introducing, amongst others, updated requirements for Instructors and assessors.
Namely, AMC and GM included in the ED Decision 2021/003/R defines qualification criteria for these roles. The aim of this course is to provide competences, instructional and assessment techniques for nominated instructors and assessors at aerodormes. 

This 1.5 days course is intended for instructor and assessors at aerodromes.

Course Details

Date:28.09. - 29.09.2023
Duration:2 days

Course Fee

The course fee includes the registration, training material and examination. For non-virtual courses, coffee breaks and business lunch are also included.

excl. VAT
995,00 EUR
incl. VAT
1.184,05 EUR

The applicable VAT depends on the place of residence of the recipient of the service. 19% is the German VAT and added to the course fee by default. You can find more information on our About Taxes Page. Please note: The final price will be shown on your invoice.

Course Content

Introduction and regulatory background

  • Regulation (EU) 139/2014 and changes introduced by reg. 2020/2148 
  • EASA AMC and GM related to training management and safety training program 
  • International regulations and best practices  

Training Program elements brief 

  • Roles and competences 
  • Initial training, recurrent, refresher continuation 
  • Change management & training program 
  • Tests & Proficiency check programs 

Training techniques 

  • Trainer role 
  • classroom management  
    • (classroom, virtual, hybrid, blended, e-learning) 
  • communication techniques  
    • (classroom, virtual, hybrid, blended, e-learning) 
  • Training material guidelines  
    • (classroom, virtual, hybrid, blended, e-learning) 
  • Practical training  
  • Training exercise preparation 

Assessment techniques 

  • Assessment types (in person, group, virtual) 
  • Performance assesment 
  • Check list  

Exercises & role plays 


Daniele Occhiato

Daniele holds a Diploma degree in aerospace engineering and a Master Degree in Aviation Safety. He is an aviation consultant and project engineer for airsight with extensive expertise in airport operations, aircraft operations, apron management services, ground handling, safety management systems and emergency response planning as well as auditing and compliance monitoring at aerodromes.

For more than 10 years, Daniele has been involved in the development and management of Safety Management Systems and Compliance monitoring systems in both complex (international hub) and less complex aerodrome realities.

At airsight, he is involved in the conduction of safety assessments at airports, focusing on airport and aircraft operations related issues as well as safety management systems.

Daniele is very knowledgeable in the international aerodrome regulations (ICAO/EASA), their national implementation, as well as industry’s best-practices and works for airsight as a lead auditor. He has been part of the auditor team for some ACI APEX (Airport Excellence Programmes) reviews at international airports.

Azzurra Ilaria Cortinovis

Azzurra Ilaria Cortinovis works at the Training & Development Department at SACBO S.p.A. (Bergamo Airport). She holds a Sociology Bachelor Degree in Tourism and Local Community and also has an additional Aeronautical Technical Expert Diploma and a Trainer Qualification. Azzurra is a Co-Author of “Regulation (EU) 139/2014: Training and Proficiency Check” and fittingly, will give lectures on aerodrome training and proficiency checks for airsight, in collaboration with Bergamo Airport. 

Simone Nadin

Simone Nadin works at the Airport Operations Department of SACBO S.p.A. (Bergamo Airport) and is, among others, responsible for the aerodrome manual updates, the wildlife management plan coordination and A-CDM Process management. He is also a trainer and assessor for SACBO. Simone owns a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bergamo. For airsight, he will give lectures on training and proficiency check programs for aerodromes in collaboration with Bergamo Airport. 

Marta Mottola

Marta is an experienced aviation consultant with a varied skill set ranging from airport safety and ground operations to Italian/ English translation activities, to training and counseling and even to a life-long theatrical experience. She is an IATA-certified Auditor within the ISAGA Program for Ground Service providers and thus a Ground Operations, Safety and SMS expert and trainer. For airsight, Marta will work as a training instructor for courses like “Aerodrome Instructors & Assessors” in Italy and share her wide-ranging knowledge with motivated participants from the aviation industry. 

Target Group

  • Aerodrome instructors and assessors
  • Training manager
  • Accountable manager
  • CAA Trainers and inspectors
  • Safety Manager
  • Compliance monitoring manager

Course Location

This course will be held at the premises of our hosting partner who will provide the classroom and the necessary training equipment. Participants are responsible for organising their own travel. Accommodation and travel costs are responsibility of the participants. Please note that neither airsight nor the hosting partner make any travel or hotel bookings for participants. Directions to the meeting venue will be provided prior to the course.

Organisational Details

The course hours are scheduled as follows:

first day: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm (CET)
second day: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (CET)

At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

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