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This comprehensive course is designed to equip participants with the necessary competences, instructional skills, and assessment techniques in accordance with the recently implemented Commission delegated Regulation 2020/2148. As of the beginning of 2021, this regulation has introduced updated requirements for individuals in these crucial roles, as outlined in the AMC and GM specified in the ED Decision 2021/003/R. The primary objective of this training is to ensure that nominated instructors and assessors at aerodromes are well-versed in the latest qualification criteria and possess the essential skills to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

Throughout the course, participants will delve into the regulatory landscape, starting with an exploration of Regulation (EU) 139/2014 and the significant changes introduced by Regulation 2020/2148. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of EASA AMC and GM related to training management and safety training programs will be provided. The course will not only cover local regulations but also touch upon international regulations and best practices, offering a holistic perspective. A brief overview of the training program elements, including roles and competences, will be presented, covering aspects such as initial training, recurrent and refresher continuation, change management within the training program, and proficiency check programs.


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Introduction and regulatory background

  • Regulation (EU) 2014/139 and changes introduced by reg. 2020/2148 
  • EASA AMC and GM related to training management and safety training program 
  • International regulations and best practices  

Training Program elements brief 

  • Roles and competences 
  • Initial training, recurrent, refresher continuation 
  • Change management & training program 
  • Tests & Proficiency check programs 

Training techniques 

  • Trainer role 
  • classroom management  
    • (classroom, virtual, hybrid, blended, e-learning) 
  • communication techniques  
    • (classroom, virtual, hybrid, blended, e-learning) 
  • Training material guidelines  
    • (classroom, virtual, hybrid, blended, e-learning) 
  • Practical training  
  • Training exercise preparation 

Assessment techniques 

  • Assessment types (in person, group, virtual) 
  • Performance assesment 
  • Check list  

Exercises & role plays 


Marta Mottola

Marta is an experienced aviation consultant with a varied skill set ranging from airport safety and ground operations to Italian/English translation activities, to training and counseling and even to a life-long theatrical experience. She is an IATA-certified Auditor within the ISAGO Program for Ground Service providers and thus a Ground Operations, Safety and SMS expert and trainer. In airsight Marta Mottola works as a trainer in “Aerodrome Instructors & Assessors” training courses and as a consultant in safety and training program projects. 


  • Aerodrome instructors and assessors
  • Training manager
  • Accountable manager
  • CAA Trainers and inspectors
  • Safety Manager
  • Compliance monitoring manager

Organisatorische Details

airsight bietet diesen Lehrgang auf Anfrage als In-House-Schulung an.

Nach erfolgreicher Kursteilnahme erhalten alle Teilnehmer ein airsight-Zertifikat nach EASA-Trainingsregularien, welches weltweit in der Luftfahrtbranche anerkannt ist.

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