Flight Procedure Design

airsight assists air navigation service providers, aerodromes and aircraft operators with the planning and design of flight procedures according to ICAO PANS-OPS (Doc 8168).

Flight Procedure Department

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Flight procedure design consists in the planning of routes used by pilots and air traffic control, from take-off to touchdown. These are designed to ensure that aircrafts maintain a minimum clearance over obstacles and terrain and have to meet further criteria such as aircraft performance limitations, airspace capacity and air traffic control separation requirements, as well as environmental concerns. The outcomes are charts used by pilots as well as coded procedures loaded into aircrafts' flight management systems (FMS).

The creation or revision of procedures is a complex and strictly regulated process, aiming to ensure the integrity of safety-critical aeronautical information. 

airsight is an accredited flight procedure design organisation and approved or recognised by several major civil aviation authorities. We provide our services in strict accordance to regulations and applicable quality standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ICAO Documents 9906 Quality Assurance, 8168 PANS-OPS, 9905 RNP AR Procedure Design Manual, etc.).

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Benefits for Aircraft and Aerodrome Operators

Improved safety, higher efficiency and capacity, increased route availability, reduced flight time and fuel consumption, reduced noise and exhaust emissions



airsight designs flight procedures according to ICAO PANS-OPS (Document 8168) taking into account several interdisciplinary constraints (such as safety, noise and capacity) as well as airspace configuration integration issues in coordination with ANSPs, aviation authorities, airports and airlines.

Type of procedures
ATS Routes (en-route phase of flight)
Conventional instrument approach procedures (e.g. ILS, LOC, VOR)
Performance-based navigation (PBN) instrument approach procedures (e.g. RNP APCH with LNAV, LNAV/VNAV or LPV Minima)

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