ICAO PANS-OPS Basic Training by ANI

Instrument flight procedures demand a high level of quality control. Amongst others, designers play a key role in the development of a quality flight procedure.

Training is one of the most important elements of quality assurance. ICAO document 9906 (“Quality Assurance Manual For Flight Procedure Design”) as well as States require a “competency-based approach” to ensure that flight procedure designers have acquired and maintain this competency level through training, supervised on-the-job training (OJT), recurrent and refresher training.  

This ICAO PANS-OPS Basic Training is the initial training required for future flight procedure designers. 

The Basic training program consists of two parts of 3 weeks each with a one-day initiation webinar about a month before the course starts. The break, which allows the students to consolidate the fundamentals, is typically around 4-8 weeks.
•    Part 1: All basic concepts, non-precision approach design, departures, holdings, en-route, all according conventional ground-based navigation
•    Part 2: PBN concept, PBN non-precision approaches, PBN departures and holdings, ILS (also in combination with PBN)

Due to the complexity and the quantity of the material in ICAO PANS-OPS, APV-Baro VNAV, SBAS-APV and GBAS criteria as well as RNP and RNP AR (Authorisation Required) criteria are classified „advanced“ and are NOT part of the initial training but are part of the advanced training concept.

The training requires pre-requisite Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes (SKAs) which are evaluated with a mandatory pre-requisite online test. The pre-requisite test includes topics such as mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry as well as probability and statistics), aviation or aviation-related pre-requisites (air traffic management, navigation, navigation systems and geography, aircraft operations, aircraft performance, aeronautical information services, aerodrome safeguarding as well as geodesy). In addition, an English language test is required before registering to the basic training.

Please note: This ICAO PANS-OPS Basic Training is conducted in Switzerland by the Air Navigation Institute (ANI), a partner of airsight for flight procedure design training.
If you have a related project that you would like to discuss with us, feel free to contact us via e-mail or visit our aerodrome safeguarding page.

Course Details

Provider:airsight GmbH

Course Content

Initiation Webinar

  • Flight Procedure Design Overview
  • ICAO Documents
  • The IFP Process
  •  IFP Basics
  • Unit Conversions

Part 1

  • Turn Calculations
  • Arrival Segment
  • Initial Approach Segment
  • Final Approach Segment
  • Missed Approach Segment
  • Circling
  • Charting/AIP
  • Departures
  • Area Navigation Introduction

Part 2 

  • Team Project on a Real Airport
  • PBN Protection Concept
  • T/Y Bar Layout Concept
  • PBN Turn Protections
  • PBN Departures
  • ILS General Principles
  • Precision Segment Basic ILS
  • PBN in combination with ILS


Beat Zimmermann

Beat Zimmermann is the founder and managing director of the Air Navigation Institute (ANI). He instructs most of the ANI flight procedure design courses. He holds a commercial pilot license (CPL) and has been active in aviation since 1984. He trained with the Swiss Air Force's and Swissair's joint pilot recruitment and training program (FVS), and later became an Air Traffic Controller at Geneva ACC. In 1993 he completed his ICAO PANS-OPS studies at Bailbrook College. In 1995 he became the Chief Flight Procedure Designer at Swisscontrol (Swiss ANSP at the time).

Beat Zimmermann is the Chairman of the ICAO Instrument Flight Procedures Panel (IFPP, formerly OCP) nominated as a member to the IFPP by the International Flight Procedure Design and Validation Association IFPDAVA of which he is founding member and Chairman as well. Furthermore, Beat was a guest lecturer at the ZHAW (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften/Zürich University of Applied Sciences) in their Bachelor Program in Aviation and to come full circle academically, he continues his studies and research in Education Psychology (as independent studies) with his mentor.

Romano Germann

Romano Germann is one of the most experienced Flight Procedure Designers in Europe. He has been working as a flight procedure designer at the Swiss ANSP Skyguide for more than 15 years. He was the person of contact for instrument flight procedure issues at Zurich airport (LSZH) and was also deeply involved in PBN implementations within Switzerland. 

Since 2016 he works as a freelance Flight Procedure Designer and has been active at many projects in Switzerland and at many places abroad. Romano is part of the Flight Procedure Design instruction team at the Air Navigation Institute (ANI). He has been participating as an advisor in the ICAO IFPP Helicopter Working Group since 2017 and is member of the Eurocontrol PBN Implementation Support Group as well as of the FLAG Helicopter IFR Operations Group.

Target Group

  • Future flight procedure designers
  • Civil Aviation Authorities staff

Course Location

This course is conducted by the Air Navigation Institute ANI in Interlaken, Switzerland. ANI is a long-term training and business partner of airsight and we are proud to feature some of their courses on our website. If you send an inquiry regarding an ANI course, it will get forwarded to the training providers at ANI. airsight is not involved in the organisation of this course. 

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