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Airfield pavements are exposed to high stresses during their projected lifetime, which inevitably leads to a decrease of their condition over time. As one of the vital assets of an airport, pavements in good condition do not only cater for safety but also for business continuity. To make sure airfield pavements provide sufficient bearing strength and ensure uninterrupted and resilient operations, it is of utmost importance to monitor their condition and conduct regular inspections.

This two-day course focusses on the regulatory requirements for pavement monitoring and maintenance as well as the factors influencing pavement inspections. Moreover, the course shows an approach to successfully plan coordinated pavement inspections and how to deal with the different damages one can find on aerodrome movement areas.

The course has been specifically developed for aerodrome infrastructure, maintenance, and operations personnel as well as personnel of civil aviation authorities, civil engineers, architects and other contractors.

As an optional package airsight offers to conduct a half day pavement inspection exercise on site - on your aerodrome’s movement area.

Please note: This course can also be booked as an in-house version in German - however, the course material is only available in English.

Course Details

Language:German / English
Duration:2 days
Provider:airsight GmbH

Course Content

Introduction to Requirements for Aerodromes

  • ICAO Regulations
  • EASA Regulations

Requirements for Authorities and Aerodrome Operators

  • Organisational Requirements
  • Operational Requirements

Relevant Aspects of Aerodrome Operations

  • Operation in Adverse Weather Conditions
  • Low Visibility Operation
  • Apron Management and Apron Safety Management

Aerodrome Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Monitoring Requirements
  • Aerodrome Maintenance

Basics of the Inspection of Aerodrome Movement Areas

  • Types of Inspections
  • Inspection Cycles
  • Inspectors
  • Data Processing

Inspection Procedure

  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Postprocessing

Damage Classifications

  • Rigid Pavements
  • Flexible Pavements

Field Exercise (optional)

  • Half Day Inspection of a selected Aerodrome Movement Area at your Airport


Hardy Springborn, M.Sc.

Hardy is a graduated aeronautical engineer and holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering (Aviation). He is specialised in aerodrome planning and infrastructure design as well as aerodrome operations and compliance. His specialisation is not only supplemented by his experience as an aircraft mechanic, but also by his activities as a certified lighting planner.

As a vital part of our aerodrome planning department within the consulting division of airsight, Hardy supports our customers in questions regarding the design and development of aerodrome movement areas, such as aprons and taxiways, and in questions of daily operations, such as ad hoc enquiries for the handling planning of special aircraft activities.

Hardy has been working on several projects for airsight. These projects recently included the airports of Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Douala, Luxembourg, Sydney, and Yaoundé.

Target Group

  • Aerodrome Infrastructure Personnel
  • Aerodrome Maintenance Personnel
  • Aerodrome Operations Personnel 
  • Civil Aviation Authority Personnel
  • Civil Engineers, Architects, and other Contractors


Organisational Details

airsight offers this training course on request, worldwide. At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

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airsight operates an ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System and pursues the objective to provide high quality services that fully meet the clients’ needs.

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