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Vertiports & UAM – New Consulting Field and Training Topic for airsight

As pioneer in vertiports planning, design and operations, airsight assists the most advanced eVTOL aircraft manufacturers on the market with consulting services and a new training course.

Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing air vehicles (eVTOL) are expected to be deployed in Europe within 3 to 5 years and the reality of this new urban air transportation system for passengers and cargo is coming closer and closer. A study recently published by EASA showed an overall positive attitude towards Urban Air Mobility (UAM) throughout the EU with the top foreseen benefits being a faster response time in emergencies, reduction of traffic jams and of local emissions. But there are also major concerns about the general safety and security of this new UAM system. 

Helping to pay the needed attention to the safety topic, airsight assists eVTOL aircraft manufacturers, airport and vertiport operators as well as planners and architects in the development of vertiports and associated concepts of operation. Vertiports will be a crucial enabler for UAM but, while regulations do exist to some extent for eVTOL aircraft, those for vertiport design and operations are either still in development (e.g. by EASA) or not existent yet. 

airsight is a pioneer in vertiports planning, design and operations and assists the most advanced eVTOL aircraft manufacturers on the market. You can find more information on our Urban Air Mobility consulting services here or contact us directly via email

In addition to our consulting services on this topic, airsight also launched a new Vertiports Planning and Design training course for all experts involved in vertiport planning or operations, including authorities, engineers and architects. The training course is scheduled to be held both virtually and in Berlin in October 2021 and can also be booked as an In-house course for a corporate group training. 

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