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Safety Assessment for non compliant RESAs

Aerodromes with Runway End Safety Areas (RESA) not conforming to ICAO & EASA requirements shall assess safety risks and undertake mitigation actions.

A RESA (Runway End Safety Area) is intended to reduce hazards and derived risks of damage to an aircraft undershooting, overrunning or veering-off the runway.

As required by ICAO and EASA regulations, aerodromes not conforming to the RESA specifications shall assess the overrun, veer off or undershoot safety risks and undertake appropriate mitigation actions.

In the last few years, airsight was commissioned to conduct such assessment by numerous aerodromes, including Hamburg Finkenwerder Aerodrome (Airbus), as well as Luxembourg, Malta or Rome Ciampino Airports.

airsight’s methodology, initially developed in 2008, is based on a unique quantitative risk-model in order to make informed decisions about the airport’s current safety-level and to quantify the benefits of possible mitigating measures (reduction of the declared distances, removal of obstacles etc.) while considering the aerodrome specific characteristics (traffic mix, etc.). The risk model is always kept up-to-date by taking into account the latest incident / accident rates originating from reliable sources.

Airport operators can greatly benefit from a risk-based approach for the dimensioning of their infrastructure – this applies not only to RESAs, but to many other different areas (runway strips, etc.).

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