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Helping airports achieve greater climate resilience with airsight expertise

airsight offers a comprehensive range of services focused on climate action and sustainable aviation.

airsight helps airport achieve greater climate resilience - airsight News

Airports across the globe are currently facing a critical challenge in the wake of climate crisis. With their fixed infrastructure and susceptibility to disruptive weather, they are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Increasingly frequent storms, heavy rainfall, heatwaves, and encroaching desertification (to name a few) have created significant difficulties for airports worldwide. As climate change looms as a major environmental threat, it also poses negative implications for economic growth. The consequences of climate change are already evident, manifesting in heightened flight delays, cancellations, operational disruptions, and infrastructure damage at airports. 

While climate change related impacts remain beyond our control, the resilience of airport infrastructure and processes can be strengthened. To ensure preparedness for the future, airports must comprehensively understand the risks involved and proactively initiate adaptation measures for both existing and new infrastructure, as well as airport processes. It is imperative that critical airport operations and key infrastructure are designed to be as resilient as possible in the face of climate change threats. 

airsight offers state-of-the-art expertise and knowledge in the field, encompassing airport planning, design, airport operations, risk assessment, and safety evaluation. With a proven track record of success, we are dedicated to assisting airports in fortifying their resilience against climate change-related hazards. Our comprehensive support empowers airports and aviation stakeholders to meticulously identify hazards associated with climate change, conduct comprehensive risk assessments, and collaboratively develop tailored mitigation and adaptation measures. 

For detailed information about our comprehensive range of services focused on climate action and sustainable aviation, we invite you to visit our webpage on sustainable aviation. There, you will find valuable insights into how we assist airports and aviation stakeholders in navigating the challenges posed by climate change. To stay up-to-date with the latest developments, training courses, and consulting projects offered by airsight, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter

About the author: Christoph Struempfel is airsight's Sustainability and Environmental Specialist. He is responsible for the Sustainable Aviation Department, supporting airport operators, regulators, airspace users and project developers to address the increasing challenges of achieving environmental sustainability today and in the future.