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airsight and Milan Bergamo Airport join forces for successful training courses

airsight recently conducted two successful training courses in Bergamo in partnership with Milan Bergamo Airport - SACBO S.p.A on topics such as EASA regulations and appropriate screening programs for staff.

airsight and Milan Bergamo Airport join forces for successful training courses

airsight recently teamed up with Milan Bergamo Airport - SACBO S.p.A to deliver two new training courses in Bergamo. The courses, titled “Training & Proficiency Check Program for Aerodromes” and “Aerodrome Instructors & Assessors,” marked the beginning of airsight's public training season for 2023.

During the four-day event, participants engaged in discussions about the EASA regulation ADR.OR D.017 (Easy Access Rules for Aerodromes (Regulation (EU) No 139/2014)) and explored the roles, skills, and training activities required for aerodrome operations. The trainers and participants found the training days to be highly productive and rewarding, thanks to the international and ambitious environment provided by Milan Bergamo Airport.

Azzurra Cortinovis and Simone Nadin, representatives from the training and operations departments at SACBO, shared their experiences in implementing the proficiency check program in Bergamo with their European peers. Participants from various European organizations, including Naples' Gesac S.p.A, Tirana International Airport SH. P.K., and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA), attended the courses and found the discussions on regulations and best practices to be particularly informative.

Milan Bergamo Airport’s Managing Director Emilio Bellingardi expressed his pride in hosting the successful training courses, which covered essential topics for organizations operating or providing services at the airport. The event marked a significant step in the airport's commitment to providing high-quality training for its staff and partners.

We would like to express our gratitude to Milan Bergamo Airport - SACBO S.p.A. for their efforts in hosting the courses and to all the participants and colleagues from various European organizations for making the event a success. We are already looking forward to delivering more courses in Bergamo and other locations throughout the year.

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