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airsight Webinar: Neueste Entwicklungen in der EASA Triple One Studie

airsight is hosting an exclusive online event for all EASA stakeholders in the aerodrome and ANSP domain.

airsight invites all EASA stakeholder representatives in the aerodrome and ANSP domain to an online webinar that dives into the latest developments and initial findings from the ongoing study on the Triple One Concept. This event is hosted by airsight GmbH in cooperation with Brussels Airport Company, who were commissioned by the EASA to perform this study based on the analysis of recent occurrences, interviews, and workshops at aerodromes across Europe.  

What is the Triple One Concept? 

Runway incursions represent one of the most severe incident types in aviation, carrying the potential for runway collisions with catastrophic consequences. 

As recommended by ICAO and the EAPPRI, the adoption of a common communication frequency for runway operations significantly enhances the situational awareness of all stakeholders operating on a runway. Nevertheless, this approach relies on the use of a shared language, i.e. English, to ensure effective communication. By ensuring a comprehensive understanding of events occurring on and around the runway, this concept is intended as an additional safety layer within the aviation system.  

What to Expect at the webinar: 

This webinar will provide valuable insights into the ongoing two-years study on the Triple One Concept which is now at the midway, focusing on the following topics: 

  1. Regulatory assessment: Overview about the status of the international and European rules and recommendations concerning the Triple One Concept in civil aviation and the elements that it is composed of.
  2. Analysis of Recent Occurrences and Loss of Situational Awareness: Gain an understanding of the study's analysis of recent aviation incidents involving vehicle drivers and explore the main contributing factors in these occurrences as well as related investigations reports and implemented mitigation measures. 
  3. Survey Results of the Current Situation at Aerodromes in Europe: Discover the outcomes of surveys conducted across European aerodromes, shedding light on the current situation with respect to the implementation or non-implementation of the Triple One Concept, and practices currently deployed for communication on/near runways. 
  4. Experience Report from Brussels Airport: Discover how Brussels Airport implemented the Triple One Concept a decade ago and explore the challenges, lessons learned, and safety benefits of this approach to reduce runway incursions. 
  5. Preview of Safety Benefits and Risks for the Implementation of the Triple One Concept: Learn about the first learnings of the ongoing analysis of safety benefits and potential risks associated with the implementation of the Triple One Concept, as collected from interviews and workshops held at European airports and relevant aviation stakeholders. 
  6. Questions and Answers

 Who Should Attend? 

  • Airport Operations and Safety representatives 
  • ANSP TWR representatives 
  • Civil Aviation Authorities in the domain of airports and ANSPs 
  • Pilot association representatives, base and safety captains 
  • Researchers and academics

Event Details: 

Date: 13th December 2023 
Time: 10 am to 1 pm CET 
Location/Registration: via MS Teams, registration and invitation information details, see below.
Registration Information: All stakeholders who directly participated in the study in course of the survey as well as the interviews and workshops will receive a direct invitation to the event. 
If you have not received an invitation and you are interested in participating in the event, please contact