Sicherheitsbewertung an Flugplätzen - Level 1

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A safety assessment, also referred to as “aeronautical study”, “safety case” or “risk assessment”, is an integral part of risk management and Safety Management Systems. According to ICAO and EASA, safety assessments are required to address safety concerns in case of non-compliances or deviations from regulations as well as prior the implementation of changes in operations or infrastructure.

The focus of the level 1 training is on qualitative safety assessment technics. This 3-day basic course is notably designed for all personnel involved in airport safety. Our trainers will be focusing on providing the theoretical background and showing practical applications of safety assessments in the aerodrome environment. Participants will have the chance to learn and train all fundamental steps of a safety assessment. This course provides the relevant basics, which are practiced in several exercises and a selection of case studies, giving an insight into more complex safety assessments.

Safety practitioners may consolidate their safety knowledge and learn new techniques for hazard identification and the assessment of risk. All participants will benefit from insights provided by group work and discussions.
By active participation throughout this course, each participant will achieve proficiency and confidence in assessing hazards and safety risks in the airport environment.

After an overview of the applicable regulations, attendees will learn the main techniques for conducting a safety assessment. Especially, qualitative methods will be taught in this context as these methods represent a crucial part of daily safety-related activities. Practical airport-related exercises will be conducted to cover the different steps of a safety assessment. Furthermore, case studies serve to illustrate the application range of safety assessments at different levels of complexity.

Please note:

All safety assessment training courses can be booked independently. However, it is highly recommended to visit the courses chronically. In case you have already visited one of airsights’ safety assessment training courses than please get in-touch with our training team in order to recommend the right course for you. 

Please note: This course can also be booked as an in-house version in German - however, the course material is only available in English.


Sprache:Deutsch / Englisch
Dauer:3 Tage
Anbieter:airsight GmbH


Regulatory requirements related to (Safety) Management Systems frameworks, Aeronautical Studies and safety assessments

  • ICAO (Annex 19, Safety Management Manual Doc 9859, PANS-Aerodromes, etc.)
  • EASA (ADR Regulatory Requirements – overview) 
  • Basics of Safety Management Systems (SMS)

Examples of flexibility tools: 

  • Equivalent Level of Safety - ELoS, 
  • Special Condition, 
  • DAAD
  • AltMoc

Introduction to risk management and safety assessment steps

  • System description
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Mitigation of risk

Hazard identification

  • Creative approach to identification of hazards
  • Systematic approach to identification of hazards
  • Risk analysis
  • Analysis of damage and frequency of the consequence of a hazard
  • Assessment of risk applying a risk matrix

Introduction to diverse methodologies

  • Brainstorming
  • What-If Analysis
  • Structured What-If Analysis (SWIFT)

Management of mitigation measures

  • Identification of measures
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of mitigation measures

Exercises for the application of selected analysis methods – Focus on Operational Risks

  • Identification of hazards
  • Analysis of frequency of risks
  • Assessing the severity of consequences
  • Identification of mitigation measures and estimation of their effectiveness

Case studies based on airport projects – Focus on Operational Risks



If you have attended all Safety Training Levels:

  • You will be awarded with the airsight safety diploma
  • You will receive 2 hours of safety consultancy by our safety and ops team on any topic
  • You will be granted access to our LinkedIn safety expert groups in which interesting and important topics are shared and discussed with safety professionals all around the world.


Daniele Occhiato

*Übersetzung folgt*

Daniele is a trainer with over 12 years of experience in the aviation industry. 

He holds a degree in aerospace engineering and a master's degree in Aviation Safety. In 2020 he joined airsight's team in the safety & operations department, as a project engineer and auditor, using his experience in airport operations, apron management service, ground handling, Safety Management System, airport emergency plans, auditing and compliance management. Since 2024 he is Director of airsight Italy S.r.l. 

Daniele has held positions in the airport sector as a certification figure and has an excellent knowledge of regulations (ICAO/EASA), international best practices and their implementation in the airport environment.  

In airsight, he contributes to the analysis of risks related to major upgrading works, revision of airport contingency plans and compliance audits in the international context. 

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Walther

Herr Walther ist als Mitarbeiter im Bereich Flughafenbetrieb innerhalb des Consulting-Geschäftsbereichs der airsight GmbH eingesetzt und Projektingenieur für die Themen Vorfeldmanagement, Bodenverkehrsdienste und Safety Management an Flughäfen. Er verfügt außerdem über Projekterfahrungen mit der Durchführung von Auditierungen von Safety Management Systemen an Flughäfen.


*Übersetzung folgt*

  • Aerodrome safety department (junior managers, deputies, team members)
  • Aerodrome quality and compliance department (junior managers and team members)
  • Aerodrome operations managers and duty officers
  • Civil Aviation Authorities staff
  • Air Traffic Control staff
  • Ground handling staff
  • Airport management
  • Airline safety department junior managers and staff
  • Rescue and Firefighting Services (RFFS) deputies

Organisatorische Details

airsight bietet diesen Lehrgang auf Anfrage als In-House-Schulung an.

Nach erfolgreicher Kursteilnahme erhalten alle Teilnehmer ein airsight-Zertifikat nach EASA-Trainingsregularien, welches weltweit in der Luftfahrtbranche anerkannt ist.

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