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For more than 10-years commercial aerodromes should have implemented a functioning Safety Management System (SMS), based on ICAO requirements and Guidance Material (i.e. ICAO Safety Management Manual Doc 9859/Annex 19), or national regulations.

Since the adoption of EU Commission Regulation 139/2014, before 31st December 2017, aerodrome operators shall be required to demonstrate to their competent authorities the compliance of their Management System (MS), integrating an SMS, to the new European regulations.

While these new regulations are somewhat based on ICAO, they do include new elements, which differ in content and structure, and therefore may impact existing concepts, responsibilities and requirements related to aerodrome organization, management and safety management. Adapting existing management systems has been the greatest challenge, recently, faced by many aerodrome operators.

Attendees of this 2-day training course will gain the necessary knowledge to adapt and extend their existing MS and SMS in order to fulfil the new European requirements, and to demonstrate compliance within the conversion of their aerodrome certificate.

This course will provide first a detailed overview of the structure of the new requirements: Implementing Rules (IRs), Acceptable and Alternative Means of Compliance (AMC/AltMoC), and Guidance Material (GM). New elements, such as “personnel and training requirements”, “compliance monitoring and record keeping”, “coordination with other organisations” will be explained and demystified based on current best practices already implemented at different European aerodromes.

Attendees will be encouraged to participate by providing examples of strengths and weaknesses of their existing MS, SMS, and other elements such as compliance monitoring and quality management system).

Course Details

Location: In-house
Language: English
Duration: 2 days

Course Content

Overview of regulatory requirements for Aerodrome design, management, operations, certification and oversight, including

  • ICAO (Annexes 14 and 19, Safety Management Manual Doc 9859)
  • EU (EC Reg. 2018/1139 The Basic Regulation and COMM Reg.139/2014, The Aerodrome Cover Regulation, and its Annexes – Implementing Rules)
  • EASA (Certification Specifications, Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material)

Organisation requirements (PART ADR OR’s) for Management Systems

  • The 11 building blocks of a MS, including: responsibilities and accountabilities, safety policy, safety management, safety performance, change management, safety training and communication, compliance monitoring and coordination with emergency planning
  • Personnel requirements
  • Training and proficiency check programme
  • Provision of resources and facilities
  • Relationships with contractors and other organisations
  • Reporting systems and documentation

Operations requirements (PART ADR OPS)

  • Wildlife protection requirements
  • ADR surroundings protection from developments and activities

Overview of certification requirements

  •  Process
  •  Authority Requirements (PART ADR AR’s)

Managing the Certification Basis (CB) and maintaining compliance

  • Demonstrating compliance
  • Safety assessments
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Reacting to safety events and findings (non-compliances)
  • ELOS (Equivalent Level of Safety)
  • SC (Special Conditions)
  • DAAD (Deviation Acceptance and Action Document)

Organisation requirements (PART ADR OR’s) for Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  • Organisational structure
  • Hazard identification
  • Risk analysis and mitigation/reduction
  • Safety performance verification
  • Safety programmes and communication

Senior management accountabilities and responsibilities

  • Resourcing
  • Training
  • Leadership and decision-making
  • Culture


Steve Garrett

Steve is a safety trainer and consultant with more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry. In recent years Steve has been supporting airsight by conducting together large studies on behalf of EASA (e.g. “study on the regulation of ground de-icing and anti-icing services”), and by delivering training on the new EU Regulations and EASA Rules for aerodromes, authorities and organisations; including, certification, management systems, accountabilities for senior management, requirements for Authority Inspectors, human factors and operations. As a professional psychotherapist Steve has developed and conducted Human Factors training courses as well as stress and anger workshops. In addition, he has been a regular contributor to the SKYbrary website, and contributed to several EUROCONTROL safety programmes. As well as designing and delivering SMS training worldwide, Steve represented Europe's regional air operators, manufacturers and aerodromes in operational and safety matters within the JAA and during the emergence of EASA. Furthermore, Steve has more than 4,000 hours as a navigator with the Royal Air Force.

Target Group

  • Civil Aviation Authority personnel
  • Aerodrome Inspectors
  • Aerodrome accountable managers
  • Aerodrome operations managers
  • Aerodrome safety managers
  • Aerodrome maintenance managers
  • Aerodrome compliance managers
  • Aerodrome quality managers

Organisational Details

airsight offers this training course on request, worldwide. At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

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