Aerodrome Safety Incident Investigation

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Despite the aviation industry´s best intentions and significant efforts, safety incidents may occur. When they do, a modern safety management approach demands that we learn from the occurrence to prevent a repeat event in the future. Aviation safety regulations require airport operators to look at the bigger picture and identify latent as well as active factors.

Extracting information from the incident environment and analysing it requires a wide range of skills and knowledge to arrive at a coherent set of conclusions and a workable list of recommendations.

During this 4-day course you will gain the knowledge and skills required to conduct safety incident investigations in the aerodrome environment, and therefore support the ongoing operation and development of your aerodrome’s safety management system. The course will build a foundation in incident investigation by covering the regulatory environment, essential safety management principles, and incident investigation management. Upon this, the course will delve into data and information gathering techniques, preliminary and in-depth analysis tools, developing recommendations and report writing considerations.

Attendees will be encouraged to participate in and contribute to group discussions and team exercises using their personal experiences and knowledge.

Course Details

Location: In-house
Language: English
Duration: 4 days

Course Content

Regulatory Framework

  • Related ICAO & EASA Safety Management System requirements
  • Relevant guidance material

Safety Management Principles

  • Organisational accidents (Reason Model)
  • Safety culture (including just culture)
  • Human factors (including human error)
  • Operational drift

Incident Investigation Management

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Authority – rights and obligations
  • Tools & equipment
  • Data management (including confidentiality)

Data Gathering

  • On-scene physical evidence
  • Interviewing parties involved
  • Interviewing associated parties
  • Reviewing records
  • Technical data

Data Analysis

  • Building a timeline
  • Human-factors analysis
  • Organisational analysis
  • Categorisation and reporting


  • Development
  • Evaluation


  • Reporting writing considerations
  • Feeding data into the broader system



Dan Parsons

Dan is an airport operations and safety professional whose experience covers both industry and regulatory sides of the industry. Following broad aviation studies, Dan began specialising in aerodrome operation in 2005 and has since expanded his experience to cover broad airport operations including technical inspections and surveys, facilities management, aviation security, contract management, commercial management and infrastructure development.

Training and development have always been a big part of Dan's work starting with aerodrome reporting officer training, team development as well as mentoring. Dan is passionate about practical safety management and safety assurance in particular. He has, unfortunately, had to investigate a number of significant airport-related events including personnel injuries, aircraft write-offs and security threats.

Target Group

  • Aerodrome safety managers
  • Aerodrome quality and compliance managers
  • Aerodrome safety deputies / safety team members
  • Aerodrome operations managers and duty officers
  • Civil Aviation Authorities staff
  • Air Traffic Control staff
  • Ground handling staff

Organisational Details

airsight offers this training course on request, worldwide. At the end of the course, all participants will receive an airsight certificate based on EASA training regulations, which is highly recognized throughout the aviation industry.

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