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Wind Turbines and Aviation Safety

airsight has a leading position in topics related to wind farms and aviation safety, conducting various projects in this field.

The last years have brought up a strong development of wind energy, leading to a growing number of wind turbines near aerodromes. With a height of up to 200 m or more above ground wind turbines can represent a serious obstacle for aircraft and also lead to adverse effects to air traffic control equipment (e.g. reflection, distortion).

Thus, hundreds of renewable energy projects worldwide have to be stopped or constrained for aeronautical reasons. As an expert for air operations and flight safety, airsight is in the right position to liaise with the different stakeholders and aviation authorities with the aim of generating practical concepts for enabling wind turbine installations.

If you want to read more about airsight's projects related to win farms and renewable energy, please visit the respective project page. As strongly related topics, airsight also offers training courses on Obstacle Assessment and CNS Safeguarding.

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