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New International airsight Training Locations

airsight has scheduled seven new training sessions in Melbourne and Bangkok to serve the international aviation community.

airsight International Training Locations on Worldmap

We are glad to announce that in 2019, airsight will organise training sessions in Melbourne, Australia and Bangkok, Thailand - in addition to our courses in Berlin. The proposed courses are based on ICAO regulations related to aerodrome and heliport planning (ICAO Annex 14), aerodrome safeguarding (i.e. obstacle assessment) and safety assessments at aerodromes.

Furthermore we scheduled courses on more aviation topics in Berlin (see our training programme online) and also offer all regular courses and further subjects as In-house sessions worldwide at your premises, tailored to your needs. As an aside, we'd like to remind you that airsight is not only an international training organisation but also one of the leading aviation consultancies with a wide range of specialised consulting services, our core competences being aerodromes and air traffic management.

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