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Company Procedures to Regional Airports in Africa

Using area navigation (RNAV) approach procedures has great benefits for airlines since it increases safety through reducing the chances of controlled flight into terrain. The approach is also made easier to fly.

There are aerodromes where no such procedures are available. To still benefit from RNAV, airlines can contract independent Flight Procedure Design organisations like airsight to develop so called “Company Procedures” for them. The flight procedures are designed, charted and coded into the fleet’s Flight Management System. They are also validated by the responsible aviation authorities – the only specificity is that these are not published in the aerodrome AIP.

If you want to view more information on this project, please visit the project page. If you want to learn more about Flight Procedure Design in general, the airsight training course "PANS-OPS Flight Procedure Design" might be of interest for you.

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