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airsight’s Obstacle Assessment Training Course in Singapore

airsight's first scheduled training course in Singapore was very well received, encouraging our plans to further expand the range of international training locations.

airsight’s training course <link https: training item obstacle-assessment external-link-new-window assessment by>Obstacle Assessment, that took place in Singapore earlier end of August 2018, was very well received – the course being fully booked in a short amount of time. Since this was the first time that our training department planned a scheduled training course at this location, we really appreciated the high interest in this session, encouraging us in our plans to further expand our range of international training locations.

The training course was held at the renowned Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. During the 4-day session, the participants got a comprehensive overview of aerodrome safeguarding and the assessment of obstacles in the vicinity of aerodromes. The applicable Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) were presented and discussed and our highly experienced trainers Sören and Malte used exercises and practical examples to illustrate how to assess relevant Obstacle Limitation and Identification Surfaces.

The training course was very well received by all participants, who were eager to learn and happy to give us positive feedback about the course content and presentation structure. Given the success of this training session, airsight will look further into new suitable locations to help even more international participants become experts in their field.

If you wish our courses to be organised in your region, possibly in collaboration with your CAA or local airports and ANSP, please feel free to <link mail training>contact us. airsight is always interested in organising scheduled courses at new locations.

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