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airsight as speaker at EASA Safe 360° Forum

Florian Schmidt, airsight COO, speaks at the EASA - Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe in Brussels (13-15 May 2019) on Jetblast at Aerodromes.

On 13-15 May 2019, EASA will host the Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe (SAFE 360°) in Brussels.

The objective of this conference  is to bring together all the different actors and specialisms in commercial fixed wing operations including Regulators, Manufacturers, Flight Crew, ATC, Engineers,
Airports and Ground Handling Organisations to share their experiences on managing safety risks and issues.

Florian Schmidt, airsight COO, will attend the forum and held a presentation entitled "Jetblast at Aerodromes - Safe operations by collaborative assessments and mitigation", in the Ground Safety Panel on the 15th of May.

This presentation will illustrate the hazards related to jetblast as well as mitigating measures - based on airsight's recent projects in this field.