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airsight specialised in the operations of drones at aerodromes: it assists operators and regulators to integrate drones in airport operations and also operates drones for infrastructure inspections.

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Drones technology offers many opportunities at or close to aerodromes, and the demand for their utilisation in formally defined “no-fly zone” or controlled airspace is growing continuously.

Nevertheless, aviation regulators or aerodrome operators are facing difficulties to integrate and benefit from this new technology and to manage efficiently external threats uncontrolled drone operations may represents

airsight acts since 2015 as a drone operator - conducting inspections of aerodrome infrastructure (incl. pavement) - as well as an expert for managing drone operations in an aerodrome operational or controlled airspace environment and handling external risks.

airsight Services

Operational Concept and Safety Cases

Development of Standard Operating Procedures for the safe integration of drone operations at aerodromes

Zoning Plan and Minimum Requirements

Definition of minimum operating requirements for drones at or in the vicinity of aerodromes, using a safety-based approach

UAV-based pavement inspections

UAV-based inspections are the most effective means to inspect the surfaces of all movement areas. It brings numerous quantifiable benefits to aerodrome operators and its users!

airsight takes airfield inspection services to the next level with the utilisation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). airsight UAVs replaces conventional methods, and the long hours walking on the runways and taxiways. The impact on operations is minimum, the results fully traceable and well documented in accordance to ICAO and EASA regulations. The achieved level of detail is unmatched and offers a full-range of applications.

You can access a free sample of high resolution orthoimage of one of airsight’s UAV inspection surveys. For info: For web-based demo-purposes, the resolution has been slightly reduced.

Drones regularly make headlines due to near-misses with aircrafts in the vicinity of aerodromes. On the other hand, drones offer many opportunities at or close to aerodromes, and the demand for their utilisation in formally defined “no-fly zones” or controlled airspace is growing.

To airsight's opinion, drones can be operated safely at aerodromes and they introduce – in addition to pavement inspections – numerous new fields of application: video or 3D-imagery, digital asset survey, calibration of ATC equipment, etc.

As an experienced drone operator and one of the world’s leading aviation safety consultancies, we help to integrate drone operation flights at or near aerodromes.

Benefits for aerodrome operators

How does it work?

UAV inspections are very efficient, but require a precise planning and scheduling of each step. airsight developed a time and cost efficient methodology for planning and conducting airfield inspections.

Contact airsight to discuss the segments of the manoeuvring area to be inspected. On this basis, a commercial proposal as well as an initial plan for the inspections can be prepared. Once the proposal is accepted by the aerodrome operator, airsight will make the necessary arrangements with the authorities to obtain a special approval for the UAV operations.

airsight UAVs, equipped with GPS and high-resolution photography equipment and remotely controlled by trained operators, fly over the relevant segments of the airfield to inspect and acquire hundreds of high-resolution images in a minimum time.

The photos are post-processed to produce a single and complete orthoimage, which can be geo-referenced and delivered in several digital formats (usable in e.g. Google Earth, CAD, GIS, or Pavement Management System – PMS, etc.). Optionally, it can be provided as an online-service via airsight‘s secure web-servers.

After the inspections, off-site, airsight identifies and documents all deteriorations (or abnormalities), based on the reconstructed aerial image of the airfield in CAD and using predefined categories (e.g. map crackings, single crackings, potholes, corner breaks, joint sealing damage). In addition to the image, the inspection results contain, a complete and structured record of all findings.

Aerial Consulting Services

airsight is now assisting airports and aviation authorities in safely integrating drone operation flights at or in the near vicinity of aerodromes.


The main challenge is of regulatory nature: operating drones at aerodromes is generally forbidden; exceptions can be made, but it is often a complex exercise to demonstrate to the authorities or to air traffic control that the proposed drone operations are safe and do not represent a danger to aircraft.

Reiko Schroeder, airsight Chief Operating Officer

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