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airsight launched last year innovative services for the inspection and survey of airport assets and completed the first successful commercial flights at Hamburg Finkenwerder Aerodrome and Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

The objective of the services provided was to assess the condition of the pavement of the movement area (taxiways, apron) in a more efficient manner than with conventional manual inspections. All flights were performed during airport operations and in coordination with air traffic control. See the following overview regarding project specific details.

Hamburg Finkenwerder Aerodrome

Inspected object: Main apron
Scope: Pavement Inspection
Area: 130 000 sqm of concrete
ATC: UAV Operations within Hamburg CTR
Flight Height: 20 m
Separation to parked aircraft: ca. 20 m
Flight time (net): 2 x 2.5 hours
Image resolution: 1 pixel = 2.4 millimetres

Berlin Brandenburg Airport

Inspected object: 1.6 km taxiway + shoulders
Scope: Pavement Inspection (Warranty claims)
Area: 72 000 sqm of concrete and asphalt
ATC: UAV Operations within Berlin CTR
Flight Height: 25 m
Distance to active Runway: ca. 1 300 m
Flight time (net): 1.25 hours
Image resolution: 1 pixel = 2.8 millimetres

Benefits for aerodrome operators

UAV inspections are the most effective means to inspect the surfaces of all movement areas. It brings numerous quantifiable benefits to aerodrome operators and its users!

How does it work?

The approach developed by airsight to operate drones at aerodrome is unique: every aspect is tailored to meet the highest safety standards and enable mission-critical operations in a controlled environment. The airsight drone is capable to conduct the inspection flight and collect the images required for detailed off-site analysis in a minimal time. Please visit our UAV pavement inspections webpage for more information.

Live Demo

You can access a free sample of high resolution orthoimage of one of airsight's UAV inspection surveys. For info: For web-based demo-purposes, the resolution has been slightly reduced.

UAV Pavement Inspection Demo

Further Services

Interested in using airsight UAV services at your aerodrome for other purposes than pavement inspections? airsight is one of the only experienced drone operators at aerodromes, and can provide UAV based services such as:

  • aerial photography and videos,
  • inspections of terminal buildings, hangars and other structures (ATC towers, etc.)
  • compliance and conformity checks (e. g. ground markings, separation distances) based on “as built” orthoimages
  • UAV-Support during exercises to test emergency plans

Any other ideas? We look forward to discuss your suggestions!

Contact us!

Please contact us per email (Mr Sören Fürbas, s.fuerbas@airsight.de) for more information or to get a custom quotation for our services at your aerodrome.

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